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Adobe Certified InDesign Training
Review Workbook and Video Outline Below


I have fifteen years teaching thousands page layout and design. I have worked every InDesign Beta. I use InDesign EVERY DAY for every kind of digital document. Please allow me to teach you InDesign. My gift is to make things simple. You will know and love InDesign after two days of training. I am very experienced with CMYK press publishing.
Douglas Mitchell:

“Quick Start” Training for InDesign

It's easy to transition from any word processor or page layout application. You know more than you think.

CUSTOM Training for Your Company Workflow
All of my training is customized to your workflow. We use examples that best exemplify your day-to-day production. I teach to your environment.

How Long Do We Need for Training
I recommend two days of "Hands On" training workshops for memory retention and practice. Lecture only format seminars can easily be delivered in one day, but follow up hands practice is critical for success.

Essential Topics for InDesign
• Global preferences, options setup, viewing settings
• Interface: tools, palettes, color, gradients, text threading, typography
• Text frames: text flow between frames, apply text attributes
• Text frames, import, paste, typography essentials
• Auto page numbering
• Styles Types: paragraph, character, object
• Image frames: auto scale, fit proportionately, center (using buttons)
• Manage links or embed files
• Create color swatches, color libraries
• Lines, custom shapes, options, transform options
• Layers for objects organization
• Master pages and releasing master page elements
• Spell checking, auto correct
• Export to PDF: press, web, presentations
• Store elements in custom Libraries
• Help library
• Auto file recovery
• Much more

Advanced Topics for InDesign
Review Video Training Outline Below for More Topics
• Import video, sound, music
• Create URL links
• Create button interactivity for hyperlinks between pages
• Table creation and management

Grow Your Publishing Skills with Every Session
Use InDesign to publish digital documents for print, web, presentations as PDF. Create and publish flyers, invitations, lessons, brochures, posters, post cards, maps, books, guides, letters, greeting cards from InDesign - then Export to PDF to print, post to web, and make screen presentations on a projector.


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Douglas Mitchell
Adobe Certified Instructor

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