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Free Digital Camera Lesson Guide Book
Start Your Own Workshop, Club, After School Program


Royalty Free Step-by-Step Digital Camera
Lesson Plan Book on PDF

Digital Cameras and Photo Editing for Students & Teachers

Book is Great for Teachers, Students, Staff, Parents 

Download PDF book below

Start Your Own Digital Camera Clubs, Classes,

Workshops, Programs, Camps (K12), Personal Learning
Book has be used by over a million teachers and students.

Host a Hands On Workshop / Cameras Provided

Create Your Own: Workshop, Club, Activity, Lessons, Class

Download copyright free lesson guide book and start your own environment. This statement serves as my permission to download, print and use this book on PDF. Only stipulation: book is NOT FOR RESELL without permission. If you need a email permission to show your school,
email me at:

Book Description
This is a technology curriculum book for teachers to quickly learn, then teach essentials for: operation of point-and-click digital cameras, photographic techniques and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The easy-to-follow lessons enable teachers to start digital camera and photo editing classes, clubs, programs and summer camps for students in 3rd through 9th grades or anyone just starting to learn digital cameras. In addition, the book is a self-help, self-paced student course.

The concepts, terms, and practice steps are explained in easy-to-understand terms with photo illustrations for quick learning. This book simplifies understanding the digital life cycle (camera to computer to output) for both the inexperienced teacher and the student.

Lesson Plan Book

The table of contents serves as your lesson plan.

Each lesson is divided into 2 parts: essential knowledge and hands on experience.
Lesson durations are designed for forty-five minutes to hour (they can be easily lengthened or shortened).

Major Themes

  • Care and operation of digital camera features and options.
  • Photographic techniques to take great photos.
  • Downloading digital photos to a computer and organizing a filing system.
  • Photo editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop Elements.
  • Output options for digital photo files for: ink jet or laser printing.
  • Web, email, PDF Slideshow, monitor and LCD presentations.

Features, Options, Settings,
Top Classic Photographic Techniques

  • Camera setup options: time, date, resolution, flash, modes
  • Best resolution settings: web, printing, presentations
  • Auto focus: why you don't just click shutter anymore
  • Action shooting: how to avoid the blurs
  • Built-in shooting modes: portrait, landscape, night, action...
  • Review shots and zoom in to inspect
  • Delete one or all photos
  • Shoot very close up (Macro Lens)
  • Set flash options: always, never, red eye (and why)
  • Auto timer feature (set take it, with you in it)
  • Battery life and safety tips
  • Learn top (10) ten classic photographic tips and techniques:
  • How to shoot great photos in all kinds of conditions

Create Photo Projects for Students, Teachers, Staff Personal
Reports, Essays, Science Projects, Flyers, Announcements, Awards, Signs, Photo of the Week, Charts, Presentations, Calendars, Event Photo Montages, Banners, Posters, Year Books, Maps, Web pages, Ads, Books, Cards, Magazines, Newsletters, Invitations, Directories, Manuals, Menus, Resumes, Schedules, Video titles, Technical Sheets, Manuals, Menus, Special Events, Class Projects, Field Trips

Helen Gooch KUDOS - This lesson plan book saved us time and money.
In preparation for the first digital photography and photo editing summer camp of 96 middle school students this June: “Our Summer Digital Photography Camp for Kids is designed, the kids are chosen, in a two weeks we begin; we would not be anywhere close, if it were not for your fantastic digital student and teacher book.”

-- Helen Gooch, Instructional Technology Coordinator Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools, Clarksville Tennessee

Author Biography
Douglas Mitchell is an Adobe Certified Instructor. His book, Digital Cameras and Photo Editing for Students & Teachers using Adobe Photoshop Elements emerged from his love of teaching youth and his dream of seeing every elementary and middle school student learn essential digital photography. To this end, he wrote this easy-to-use book to help teachers integrate digital photography into the classroom learning process.

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pdf pdf file: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 or higher) to view this file. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC or Macintosh.

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Douglas Mitchell
Adobe Certified Instructor

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