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April 2017

Literature & Research Enrichment

7th grade

Happy April ! We are beginning the research paper on technology and the Teenage Brain. Students will be making a claim on whether or not the American Academy of Pediatrics should raise its recommended screen time from 2 hours. 

8th grade 

We are starting to read the classic play, The Diary of Anne Frank. After reading the play out loud in class we will be working on a short research paper based on the big idea "How Can We Persevere in Times of Conflict?" 


Reading & Writing

The students are continuing using the reading program achieve 3000! They are doing a great job and are really taking pride in their own efforts. Students have been told their beginning Lexile score and know what they need to do to raise it. I look forward to building a classroom with them that fosters self esteem and an "I Can Do" attitude. Since September all students' Lexile levels have improved.

Please e-mail me if you would like to know how your child is progressing.









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