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Lit & Research and Reading & Writing
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March 2017

Literature & Research Enrichment

7th grade

Happy March! We have begun our unit on the Teenage Brain. Students will be learning how the teenage brain works and how it affects their everyday lives. We will learn why teenagers are so attached to technology, especially cell phones and social media. So, the next time your child does something wrong, he or she may say "it's because of my teenage brain"!

8th grade 

We have begun a research unit based on the book "Omnivore's Dilemma" which talks about the food industry and how it affects our health and well being. Students have learned about the four food chains and how corn has taken over the industrial food chain. We learned about feed lots and will be exploring animal cruelty in food production. The class is looking forward to watching the documentary Food Inc.  The documentary focuses on the food industry in our country.


Reading & Writing

The students are continuing using the reading program achieve 3000! They are doing a great job and are really taking pride in their own efforts. Students have been told their beginning Lexile score and know what they need to do to raise it. I look forward to building a classroom with them that fosters self esteem and an "I Can Do" attitude. Since September all students' Lexile levels have improved.

Please e-mail me if you would like to know how your child is progressing.









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