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Welcome to the Breton Downs PTO 2014/15 Website!

This page is intended as a resource for parents of Breton students to keep up to date on all events, activities, volunteer opportunities and PTO meeting information.

Please take a moment and look around for helpful links and additional information.

Upcoming Events:

**Scholastic Book Fair**

Thank you for visiting our Scholastic Book Fair last week! If you were unable to make it in or if you would still like to make holiday purchases please visit our online sale at :

**All School Musical - Peter Pan Jr**

We are excited to announce the 2015 Breton Downs Elementary School Musical:  Peter Pan Jr.!  We are so thrilled that Breton Downs’ very own Music Teacher ~ Mr, Michael Woodward will be directing the production.  All interested K-5 students are welcome to be a part of this awesome production.  Important date information and the Peter Pan Interest form was emailed to you on Friday.   The interest form must be completed by Wednesday, December 3.

Peter Pan Information:

Interest form:

Last year’s level of dedication shown by Breton Downs families to help assist with the performance was amazing! To make this year’s production also a success, we will need a large team of volunteers, and we look forward to working with you to create a wonderful, theatrical experience for the students.

**Holiday Workshop**

The 2014 Breton Downs Holiday Workshop, guided by our 5th grade leaders, will have 3 segments— Community Service, Craft, and Entertainment.
I. Community Service: Our service learning project this year will be decorating book bags for the school we partner with in Haiti. Each grade level will be earning money to help purchase workbooks for our friends in Haiti.  Since they will be taking their workbooks to and from school we decided to order canvas bags and have the Breton Downs students decorate them.
II. Craft: Each student will have the opportunity to make two craft items. These craft items will be sent home as gifts to give to family members.
III. Entertainment: This year Breton Downs students will be entertained by a special surprise!

Please contact Metka Hingson at if you are interested in shopping for craft items or volunteering on the day of Holiday Workshop, Friday, Dec 12th. We need lots of volunteer help! Thank you!

**Junior Great Books**

Be on the lookout for a Junior Great Books registration letter in backpacks or click here for a copy.  Junior Great Books (JGB) is like a book club for kids offered during lunch to all grade levels. Sessions run for four to six weeks during January and February. Sign–up forms are due back to school Tuesday, December 9.  LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! We are also in need of parents to be discussion leaders. It is a terrific way to share a love of reading with a small group of students.

Please contact Sue Keil at if you are interested or have questions.

**Ongoing Ways to Support Breton**
1.  Breton Downs is again participating in both the D&W Fresh Market and Family Fare “Cash for Class” program to earn money for our school.  A percentage of the purchases made with your 'yes' card will go back to Breton Downs
You must link your 'yes' card to Breton Downs Elementary. Please visit and click on Manage Account to link your card.
2.  Use your Meijer 1 Card or Meijer Credit Card. Get a card or link your current card at or call 1-800-962-7011.

3.  Register for Target's Red Card and "Take Charge of Education" by visiting
4.  Save Box Tops! and Spartan Labels. Collected during the months of October and February.  Please continue to save your labels! BoxTop labels can be found on certain brand grocery products. Spartan UPC labels can be found on ALL Spartan brand products; soup, milk, cleaning supplies, etc. Spread the word to neighbors, friends and family.

Our fall Box Top$ collection was a huge success.  We collected 10,920 Box Top$! The Breton Downs PTO made $1,092.  This money will be used to support our many programs and activities!

**Brick by Brick Campaign**

Families will have an opportunity to purchase personalized bricks that will be installed around the flagpole in a newly landscaped area. Look for additional information in weeks to come!

Note from Dr. Cannon

November 24, 2014
Dear Breton Downs Families:

As we head into our last couple of days before Thanksgiving Break, I am sending this letter to all parents to increase head lice awareness so that you may take steps at home to help prevent your child from getting head lice.

Any time children come together, particularly at the start of the school year or following any social grouping like Girl/Cub Scouts, Brownies, Little League, dance groups, or sleepovers, detected head lice cases commonly increase. Recent studies show that head lice are seldom spread in the school setting.  Direct, physical, head-to-head contact is the usual method of transmission. Lice do not jump or fly. They survive only for a short time away from the human head and have difficulty crawling or clinging to smooth surfaces.

Check your child’s head weekly for lice and/or nits (eggs). Mature lice, which are no bigger than a sesame seed, avoid light and are hard to see. Lice eggs or “nits” are usually found close to the scalp – usually within one quarter inch. They appear as tiny whitish ovals that are “glued” to the hair shaft. They cannot easily be flicked away as dandruff can. Head lice do not transmit disease and are not a serious medical condition. They cannot survive on your pets.
If you find head lice on your child, please notify the school and treat him/her with lice shampoo following package instructions. A second treatment may be required in seven to ten days. Continue to examine the child and all family members for three weeks and treat only if live lice or if nits are found one quarter inch or less from the scalp.
Check Regularly – Treat Quickly
Help Keep Head Lice Off Your Child

  • Check your child’s head weekly for signs of head lice.
  • Teach your child not to share or trade personal items such as hats, combs, brushes, headbands, and barrettes.
  • Contain long hair in braids or ponytails, especially in younger children.
  • Teach children to avoid head-to-head contact.

For more information regarding head lice or its treatment, please feel free to contact the school office or your local health department. You can find a copy of  the Head Lice Myth and Fact Sheet provided by the Michigan Department of Education on the left side of each newsletter.
Thank you for your help and support.

Dr. Cannon

**Breton's Got Talent! Thank you performers, parents, families and friends for making “Breton’s Got Talent” the best ever.  We had a full house filled with energy and so much excitement.   What a fantastic, fun night!   We had a record number of students in the performance – almost 200!  Thank you for your continued support of the Breton Downs PTO.  Your commitment and dedication have enabled the PTO to sponsor over 60 events – like the Variety Show and valuable learning experiences for all of our students, kindergarten through 5th grade.
Also, if you would like to purchase a video from the show please sign up and pay in the office by Tuesday, November 25.   The cost for a video is $5.00.  Cash or checks payable to: Breton Downs  PTO will be accepted.  Thank you again for the opportunity to help run the Talent Show. It was AMAZING!!!!
Everyone got into the act... check out the Breton staff video from the event.

New this year: the Breton Downs Elementary PTO Facebook page. Become a member today, and join our community!

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