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Second Year Spanish

Second Year Spanish Uses the Realidades 2 textbook.

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Realidades 2   Click on the picture to get to the online resources!

1st Semester Finals -

1.  Oral Finals - see 1st semester oral final questions below

2.  Conjugation Chart - see conjugation charts below

3.  Written Final - Same Format as a normal test 

4.  Final Project 

Instructions for 1st Semester Final Project

  1. Create a children's book between 13-17 pages with 2-3 sentences per page. 

  2. Vocab: use at least 15 vocab words from each chapter we have completed either highlighted or underlined and labeled by chapter (me afeito - 2A) to demonstrate that they are being used..

  3. Grammar: There needs to be at least one example from all the grammar sections we have covered this year except two.  You may choose any two sections of grammar to omit.  Your grammar sections that you are demonstrating need to be circle and labeled (tú hablas con la señora) present tense.  

  4. 2nd Semester's Final Project will be a sequel. 


  • Numbers Review   -  Your assignment is to spend 45 minutes practicing numbers using these websites and others you might find as well.   Screen shot and print what you have done to turn in your work sample to get credit.  

  • Turn in Numbers Work Sample HERE!

  • Todo Claro - Good Practice
  • Study Spanish
  • Other Todo Claro
  • MHHE 
  • This is the best one 
  • Realidades 2 - 2B

    Act. 1,2,3 pg. 98-99, Act. 3,5,6,7,8(1), 9,12,13,14,15(1),16,19,21,23.  

    Turn In Work Sample for 2B Here

    • Act. 1,3 Pg. 98-99, Act 3,5,6,12,13,14,15,16,19,21,23





    1.       Direct Object Pronouns:


    1. Direct Objects - 1

    a.       Explanation:

    b.      Quiz:

    2.       Telling Time:

    a.      Explanation:

    b.      Quiz:

    3.       Irregular Preterites – Ir and Ser:

    a.      Explanation:

    (Includes quiz generator)


    2nd Year 2nd Semester Conjugation Chart

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