2013-2014FL History Native American Project 2013-2014Native American Project

Florida Native American Research Report and Project

Note: Dates may change. Task Assignment:  See Attached files to downloadis the same, except for date change.  We begin this project officially November 1 .  November 1 they will receive their packet of information.  I have been talking to them about it in class.  The project is due :  Research  Report due November 28, Visual Project due November 28.  Speeches on November 29, 30)  They will be working in class discussing these Indian tribes.  They will work in centers on Research report.  They can also work on these projects at home.  The students need to choose an Indian Tribes. below

Your task is to research a Florida Native American tribe, and present the information you learn about the tribe in a Written Report and Visual Presentation.  The eight tribes we will be researching are the Calusa, Timucua, Tocobaga, Tequesta, Apalachee, Choctaw, Creek and Misccosukee.  (This is a school and home project.  Research folder was given to each student with this information.  Please bring back folder to class each day.)

Written Report It can be typed or hand written, but it must be neat and legible!  If it is typed, a hand written draft must be stapled to the final typed paper.  A Bibliography, which is a list of books, websites and articles consulted, must appear on a separate sheet at the end of the report.

Visual presentation and Oral Report . 

I.  Research

When researching your Florida Native American tribe, try to find out the following information.  Use the graphic organizer (placed in student Native American folder) to help guide your research.  Limited the number of websites you use to only three.  Try using .org, .gov or .net sites for your information.

Questions to Research:

1.  Where is/was your tribe located in Florida?

2.  What types of homes did (does) your group live in?

3.  How did (does) you group dress?

4.  How did (does) your group survive in the environment?  (What did they eat?)

5.  How did (does) your Native American group communicate?

6.  What kinds of festivals, ceremonies, and games did (does) your group participate in?

7.  Who are some famous Native Americans in your group and what are they famous for?

8.  What happened to your Native American Tribe?  Where are they today?

II.  Visual Project Elements:

       You may chose from any of three visual ideas below.  Your teacher must approve any visuals not mentioned below.

A.  Craft Activity:

Suggestions include a representation or diorama of an authentic Native American Village, ceremonial costume, hunt, home or clothing worn.  Please include a small written description card of item you create or the scenes you represent.

B.  PowerPoint Presentation:

Slides should include short bits of information.  Rather than recite the slide word for word, you will summarize in your own words what each bullet point is about.  You are required to have at least 5 pictures to go along with the slides.  You can have a maximum of 7 pictures or images total.  Please do not add any animation or special effects until your teachers have seen the content of your presentation.  If you finish the requirements on time, you can add these effects.

C.  Visual Board:

Highlight the most interesting or important facts of your written report with neatly drawn or printed pictures and captions.

III.  Oral Presentation:

You will be required to present your research in an oral presentation, where your visual will be displayed and explained.  You may not read your written report, but you may make note cards on 3X5 index cards.  Your oral presentation must be between 3-5 minutes long.  It is suggested that you practice and time your oral presentation before presenting.

Grading:  You will be graded on your written presentation and the visual and oral presentation based on the attached Rubrics.  (All this information is in your Florida History Project Folder.)





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