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8th Math Resources 8th Math

Special Note:  All Math assignments will be completed on graph paper only.

  • 8Th Grade General Supplies for use in ALL Classes:
    • Ø  Scissors
    • Ø  Two pens (blue or black, ball point is fine)
    • Ø  Ruler
    • Ø  # 2 pencils-can be mechanical with extra lead
    • Ø  One set colored pencils
    • Ø  Pencil pouch
    • Ø  One large eraser
    • Ø  One hand held sharpener
    • Ø  Lined paper ( 3 packs)
    • Ø  Calculator
    • Ø  One box Kleenex
    • Ø  One Hand Sanitizer or Clorox Wipe container
    • Ø  1/4in. Graph paper (5 packs)
  • 8th Grade Math:
    • Ø  One  2in. 3 ring binder
    • Ø  Dividers
    • Ø  One Spiral notebook
    • Ø  Whiteboard markers

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