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Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-up Sheet Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-up Sheet

Parent Conference Schedule Options

          Parent Conferences will be held on Friday, November 16.  There is no school for children on this day.  We ask that our conference time is saved for parents and teachers only.  I would like to offer a few other days and times to meet for our conference as well as the time slots for November 16.  Please indicate your first and second choice for dates and times below.  As soon as I have made a schedule, I will confirm your conference date and time with you.  Please return this form to me by Monday, October 29.  You will also be receiving a schedule for conferences in our Family Envelope.  Please use this form in place of the form in the Family Envelope.  I look forward to meeting with you!

Tuesday, Nov. 13                                         Friday, Nov. 16

_____7:00 am- 7:20                                   _____7:00-7:20

_____7:20 am-7:40                                    _____7:20-7:40

_____2:30-2:50                                         _____7:40-8:00

_____2:50-3:10                                         _____8:10-8:30


Wednesday, Nov. 14                                   _____8:50-9:10

_____7:00 am- 7:20                                   _____9:20-9:40

_____7:20 am-7:40                                    _____9:50-10:10

_____2:30-2:50                                         _____10:10-10:30

_____2:50-3:10                                         _____10:30-10:50


Thursday, Nov. 15                                                _____11:50-12:10

_____7:00 am- 7:20                                   _____12:10-12:30

_____7:20 am-7:40                                    _____12:30-12:50