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Welcome to the AK Mighty Knight Band website!

The AK Mighty Knight Marching Band will compete in their first Bands of America regional event in Winsto-Salem on October 10 with our goal to one day take the field at Grand Nationals.

News & Updates

  • To vote for the superlatives follow this link.
  • Congratulations to all the outstanding drum majors candidates that auditioned. The 2015-2016 AK Mighty Knight Marching Band drum majors will be Liz & Kallie.
  • If you have a suggestion for a tune to play in the stands, complete the form located here.
  • Marching band leadership audition information is located here.
  • Student interested in trying out for the fall color guard click here.
  • If you would like to help the band with major purchases please see our "Wish List" page.
  • The Band Handbook is located here.
  • To volunteer with the band please fill out the CMS Volunteer form here.
  • Please check out the "Calendar" page for updated information.
  • "Like" the band on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter to get up to the minute information about the band.

New Assessment Procedures

  • Log on to your CHARMS account to download the assessment packet under "Handouts & Files."
  • Students may record their assessments using the "Recording Studio" on their CHARMS account or download the CHARMS Parent/Student Portal App for their smart phone or tablet. Students may also upload their assessment as an MP3 with the "Recording Studio."
  • The due date for each assessment and instructions can be found inside the "Recording Studio" on your CHARMS account.
  • There will be a reference copy of all the assessments in the band room and students may use computer in the storage room before or after school to record their assessments.
  • After the due date students may check their grades by going Their username is their first name as it appears in Power School then a period followed by their last name (ex- patrick.butler). Their password is their first initial (capitalized) and the last name with the first letter capitalized (ex- PButler). Change your password immediately.
  • Since this is a new system we are using, students will only have 4 of these assessments during the final quarter this school year.

Related Files

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Ardrey Kell Mighty Knight Band
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
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