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The final stretch!


WOW!  We have made it to the fourth quarter!  Please continue to work on letter and letter/sound recognition.  Also, please work on identifying numerals to 20 and forming sets with numerals to 10.  Thanks for all you do at home with your children.  Our hard work is paying off!

Ways you can help your child at home:

-count everything (snacks, steps, rocks, cars, etc.)

-look for numbers everywhere and point them out to your child (in the car, at the grocery, etc.)

-talk about letters that you see.  Have your child find all of the letters in his/her name wherever you are (doctor's office, grocery, etc)

-look for patterns and shapes in your environment

-have your child sort things into groups by color, shape, and size

-play rhyming games and have your child think of rhymes

-clap out syllables in words

-give your child a measuring tape or ruler and have him/her measure things

-observe nature and talk about what you see

-READ, READ, READ!  This is the MOST important thing that you can do to ensure your child's success in school!

-Go to the library and check out books, learning DVD's, and Cd's.  It's FREE!

-Talk with your child about everything!



Please feel free to contact me by phone at school (863-5906) or by email at 

 Ann Boushie



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